Hand-poured scented soy travel candle in an elegant 4 oz brushed gold tin. 

Please pick 3 from the following scents and include your choices in the notes section during checkout:


Beach: This scent is an amazing blend of warm sand, sea spray, salt, jasmine, mandarin and coconut.


Lavender + Honey: An incredibly relaxing blend of fresh lavender with a hint of honey.


Lavender + Sage: This is another relaxing blend of fresh lavender and sage.


Lily + Sea Salt: This scent is a clean blend of sea salt combined with notes of jasmine and lily.


Green Moss + Oak: This is a very clean blend of sage, amber, oak and green moss.


Woodsmoke: Notes of sandalwood and amber blend into the scents of smoke and wood to create the essence of sitting by a cozy fire.


Cucumber + Violet: This is an incredibly refreshing scent of cucumber, lime and fennel with soft tone of violet blossom.


Love Potion: This scent is an uplifting blend of pink grapefruit, fresh peach and sultry jasmine flowers.


Citrus + Mint: This scent is an uplifting blend of ripe citrus and fresh mint.


Tuberose: This scent is a blend of tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and ginger blended with ylang ylang and vanilla.

Cypress + Birch: This is a crisp and fresh scent with notes of birch, cypress, eucalyptus and tonka bean.

Blood Orange:  Fresh and uplifting - delicious notes of orange, grapefruit and bergamot. 

Spiced Cranberry: An amazing blend of tart cranberries, warm cinnamon, and clove with mandarin orange. 


Tobacco Leaf + Amber: This scent is a warm blend of tobacco leaf and amber with hints of vanilla and spice.


Lemongrass + Tea: This scent is a blend of citrusy lemongrass, cedarwood and herbal tea.


Violet: This is a very crisp and fresh blend of violet with lilac, jasmine, carnation and lily of the valley.


Apple & Sage: This scent is a blend of sweet apple and earthy sage.


Neroli: This scent is a happy blend of bergamot and fresh orange blossoms.


Evergreen: A fresh blend of evergreen, cypress, cedar and fir balsam.


Bamboo + Coconut: A spa like blend of green coconut, fresh leaves, green florals with touches of wood and vanilla.


Balsam + Citrus: This is a incredible scent blend of balsam fir surrounded by notes of orange, cranberries and sandalwood.


Tomato Leaf: An incredible blend of freshly crushed tomato leaf mixed with hints of lemon peel and fresh summer herbs.


Wildflowers: A clean and uplifting scent blend of wildflowers, sweet agave, lush greens and chrysanthemum petals.

Each 4oz candle has a burn time of 30 hours and is hand poured with premium soy wax for a cleaner burning and longer lasting candle. I use only lead-free, zinc-free wicks and do not use dye. Each candle is scented with premium grade fragrance/essential oil blends and is free of phthalates, parabens, additives, preservatives or petroleum.


Height: 1.90"

Diameter: 2.60"

Pick 3 Scented Soy Travel Candles